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Hydraulic Modelling for Mangrove Afforestation and Geotube on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia near Dorani

Title : Hydraulic Modelling in Sg Haji Dorani, NAHRIM, 2007
Price : Free
Prepared By : Institute of Water Modelling
Report Owner : National Hydraulics Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)
Type of Report : Field Of Study
Objectives : 1. To devise a plan for plantation of mangroves in between Sungai Haji Durani andSungai Besar.2. To assess the effectiveness of mangrove afforestation in reduction of wave height andcoastal erosion.3. To assess the effectiveness of the sand-filled geotextile tube as breakwater in erosion management.4. To draw the monitoring plan after implementation.
Geographical Location : Study area is located at the Sungai Haji Dorani, Kuala Selangor along the Strait of Malacca at the western coast of peninsular Malaysia. To be more precise, the area of interest lies within the Sungai Haji Dorani and the Sungai Besar.
Geographical Reference : Peninsular Malaysia: Selangor:Kuala Selangor, Selangor Selangor:Sabak Bernam, Selangor
Geographical Location-RBMUs : Peninsular Malaysia RBMU:RBMU 13: Selangor
Additional Info : Shore Reaches: Shore Line: West Coast Shoreline Reach: Reach 6W4 - Bagan Beting Kepah to Sungai Kelang
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