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Sixth Maintenance Dredging of the North Channel and Approaches to the North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) and the Butterworth Wharves, Penang - Hydraulic Assessment of Suspended Sediment Dispersion from the Disposal Site to the North of Penang Isl

Title : Hydraulic Assessment of Suspended Sediment, Penang, Oct 2007
Price : Free
Prepared By : Coastal and Offshore Engineering Institute, UTM
Report Owner : Penang Port Sdn Bhd
Type of Report : Assessment
Objectives : -To collect and analysis the existing environmental parameters within the water regime to the north as well as north-western of Penang Island. This include the water regime surrounding Teluk Bahang, the headland of Muka Head and around Kampung Pantai Acheh, which llies to the north-western side of the island.-To establish the hydrodynamics in the water body around Penang Island-To establish the extend of dispersion of suspended sediment solids originating from the designated disposal site for the No-wind and with-wind conditions during both spring and neap tidal conditions.-To assess the possible impacts that could rise due to the fate of sediment dispersion as a result of the dumping activities to the shoreline of Penang Island.-To suggest, where possible, remedial measures to minimize any potential adverse impacts as a consequence of dumping activities generated by the dredging operations in the North Channel and approaches to NBCT and Butterworth Wharves.
Geographical Location : North of Penang Island
Geographical Reference : Peninsular Malaysia: Pulau Pinang: Seberang Perai Utara, Penang
Geographical Location-RBMUs : Peninsular Malaysia RBMU:RBMU 06: Perai
Additional Info : Shore Reaches: Shore Line: West Coast Shoreline Reach: Reach 3W2 - North Coast of Pulau Pinang
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