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Bunut Lake

Title : Bunut Lake
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Prepared By : Alexander K. Sayok Sapuan Ahmad Sulaiman Jamahari Johing Ngayop Shirely Nanta Naning Samantha Kwan
Type of Report : Management
Objectives : Loagan Bunut National Park (LBNP), gazetted in 1990, covers an area of 10,736 ha area between the Tinjar and Teru rivers, in the upper reaches of the Baram River basin in Sarawak. It is some 120 kilometres (km) southwest of Miri town and is accessible by land as well as river transportation. It can be reached in 2.5 hours via the Bakong/Beluru-Lapok/Long Lama trunk road from the 40-km junction of the Miri-Bintulu Road or a day’s journey upriver via Kuala Baram
Geographical Location : Loagan Bunut with an area of approximately 650ha., is located approximately in the center of Loagan Bunut National Park. The lake has its own basin and it is also connected with Teru catchments by about 6.6 km of Bunut River. In coordinate, it is between
Geographical Reference : Miri, Sarawak
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