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Timah Tasoh Lake

Title : Timah Tasoh Lake
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Prepared By : Wan Ruslan Ismail and Zullyadini A. Rahaman
Type of Report : Management
Objectives : Timah Tasoh Reservoir (6º 36’ N; 100º 14’ E) is located near the Thailand border. The reservoir has a mean surface area of 13.33 km2 and a storage capacity of about 40 million m3. The reservoir receives inputs from two main rivers, the Tasoh river andPelarit River combined basin area of 191 km2 and supply approximately 97 million m3 of water into the reservoir annually. The reservoir is shallow with a maximum depth of 10 m and submerged aquatic plants can be see along the shoreline and in shallow areas. The lake covers and area of 13.33 km2. The main length of the lake is 1.52 km and the circumference measures 5.9 km. The lake level is 29m above sea level. The main purpose of the reservoir is to supply water for domestic and industrial use as well as for 3 irrigation and flood control. Based on Bernacsek (1984), Timah Tasoh Reservoir can classified as medium size and shallow reservoir.
Geographical Location : Timah Tasoh reservoir is located approximately 13 km north of Kangar town near the Thailand border (Figure 1) and began to be built in 1987 and completed in 1992 with cost about RM 77 million, involving a population placement of 385 families now relocated
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