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Real-Time Flood Forecasting using Infoworks Floworks (Melaka River, Langkawi)

Title : Real-Time Flood Forecasting Draft Final Report, NAHRIM, 2010
Report Owner : National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)
Type of Report : Feasibility Study
Objectives : 1. Spearhead R&D as an innovative approach for managing water resources 2. Provide consultancy services on R&D and extend businesses in water resources and environmental related issues 3. Promote R&D activities as an example and reference for controlling water quantity and quality at source from development area 4. Provide research findings which help in minimising floods, controlling river bank erosion, stormwater management and pollution control
Geographical Location : Sungai Melaka, Langkawi
Geographical Reference : Langkawi, Kedah
Geographical Location-RBMUs : RBMU 02: P. Langkawi
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