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Master Plan Study on Flood Mitigation and River Management at Bernam River Basin (Volume 1, Main Report)

Title : MPS on Flood Mitigation at Sg Bernam RB Vol 1, DID, Jan 2005
Price : Free
Prepared By : Ranhill Bersekutu Dr. Nik and Associates Sdn. Bhd. Perunding MSA
Report Owner : Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID)
Type of Report : Management
Objectives : The objectives of the Project is to formulate an Integrated River Basin Management Plan (IRBMP) for Sg. Bernam to achieve sustainable development within the river basin and to provide integrated catchment models to examine issues of long-term environmental changes.The IRBMP provides key action plans, the time frame for achieving the various objectives and the agencies responsible for implementing the strategies and action plans.
Geographical Location : The Sungai Bernam Basin commands a total catchment area of about 3,335 sq. km. in the State of Perak and Selangor, with the river course demarcates the boundary of the two states.
Geographical Reference : Sabak Bernam, Selangor Hilir Perak, Perak Batang Padang, Perak
Geographical Location-RBMUs : RBMU 11: Bernam
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