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Draft Final Report on Juru River Water Quality Modeling

Title : Juru River Water Quality Modeling, NAHRIM, 2008
Price : Free
Prepared By : Pusat Kajian Sungai
Report Owner : National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)
Type of Report : Assessment
Objectives : 1. To assist government agency, local authority and related agencies to overcome the river erosion and sedimentation problem and environmentally friendly drainage system. 2. To provide river basin hydroinformatic information system as references and guidance in decision making on problems related in water. 3. To increase innovation product in science and technology especially related on NAHRIM function in hydraulic water resource.
Geographical Location : Sg. Juru is located in Seberang Perai Tengah in the state of Pulau Pinang with a total catchment area of 60.5 km2. The topography is somewhat flat towards the coast with the highest point located at Bukit Mertajam at a height of 540 m. The river is called
Geographical Reference : Pulau Pinang
Geographical Location-RBMUs : RBMU 07: P. Pinang
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