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Real-Time Flood Forecasting using Infoworks Floworks (Melaka River, Langkawi)

Title : Real-Time Flood Forecasting Melaka River Langkawi Final Report, NAHRIM, 2012
Sypnosis : Issues of flooding are one of the main issues capturing our concern these recent years. The probability of flooding gets more frequent and intense due to rampant development. The scenario is worsened under the pressure of impact of climate variability. The government of Malaysia need to spend a sum of money for the loss of lives and damages of properties as well as to control the wide spread of diseases due to flooding. Various methods are adopted to minimise the impact of flooding such as the structural and non-structural method. The non-structural method through flood forecasting is getting popular in flood management particularly in developing countries like Malaysia following the advancement of the information technology and communication. In view of this scenario and its importance for flood prevention, a pilot project for real-time flood forecasting is selected in Melaka River, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia where it experienced flood events in the past.
Geographical Reference : Peninsular Malaysia
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