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A Desktop Study on Impact of Rainwater Utilization Systems on Flood Reduction and Supplementing Public Water Supply for Non Potable Use on a Regional Scale in Sg. Damansara Catchment.

Title : Impact of Rainwater Utilization in Sg. Damansara, NAHRIM, 2010
Prepared By : Institute of Environmental and Water Resource Management (IPASA)
Report Owner : NAHRIM
Type of Report : Feasibility Study
Objectives : (i) Assessing the effectiveness and benefits of Rainwater Utilization Systems (RWUS) (for domestic, industry and miscellaneous use) on flood reduction and supplementing public water supply;(ii) Determining the extent of peak flow and surface runoff volume reduction to the existing drainage networks by the RWUS;(iii) Determining the extent of supplementing public water supply for various usages by the RWUS;(iv) Analyzing the cost of the implementation of rainwater harvesting atregional scale over the period of 5 years;
Geographical Location : Klang River Basin is one of the most developed river basins in Malaysia. The development process has covered almost all of the river basin, spanning from the most upstream area (Gombak, Melawati, Batu and Ampang) to the most downstream area in Shah Alam a
Geographical Reference : Selangor
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