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Desktop Study of an Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Flood Behaviour in Malaysia. Case Study in Sg. Muda.

Title : Climate Change Impact on Flood in Sg. Muda, NAHRIM, 2008
Prepared By : Wallingford Software Sdn. Bhd.
Report Owner : National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)
Type of Report : Field Of Study
Objectives : 1. Study the impact of climate change on design rainfall for the selected river basin. i.e. Sg. Muda Basin 2. To carry out hydrodynamic modelling along the river 3. To estimate the change in flood level due to the predicted runoff from the hydrological model
Geographical Location : Description of LocationThe selected pilot study area for this project is the Sg Muda Basin for catchment wide flooding assessments. The study area is about 4200 sq km with Sg. Muda as the main river, with an estimated length of 220 km. The topography star
Geographical Reference : Peninsular Malaysia
Geographical Location-RBMUs : RBMU 03: Kedah
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