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A Desktop Study On Water Demand Management For An Industrial Area In Malaysia

Title : Water Demand Management in Malaysia, NAHRIM, 2010
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Prepared By : UPM Holdings Sdn. Bhd
Report Owner : NAHRIM
Type of Report : Field Of Study
Objectives : (i) Audit the current water consumption or water demand in an industrial area. The industry selected must be of high water consumption such as the food industry, electronic industry or/and other high water consumption industries;(ii) Demonstrate how the water demand in an industrial area can be reduced through the proper application of multiple strategies of demand management and integrated water resources management;(iii) Determine the extent to which the demand in an area can be reduced throughoptimum demand management, and the cause-effect implications that this will have on all consumers/industries within the area considered;(iv) Analyze the cost-benefit of the proposed effective demand management;(v) Develop the management mechanism to effectively perform all the aforesaid matters with an objective to establish the notion that effective demand management is desirable even in a relatively wet region such as Malaysia.
Geographical Location : The industries which were chosen for this study are Ajinomoto Sdn. Bhd. (Food Industy) and Canon Opto Malaysia (Electronic Industry). These industries were selected because they use large amounts of water and they also require water of a specific quality
Geographical Reference : Wilayah Persekutuan
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