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Study on The Potential of Rainwater Utilisation in Supplementing Water Demand in Industry � In Terms of Quantity & Quality

Title : Potential Rainwater Utilisation in Water Demand, NAHRIM, 2010
Price : Free
Prepared By : IPASA, UTM
Report Owner : NAHRIM
Type of Report : Field Of Study
Objectives : a) To determine water demands of selected industries and propose a minimum reliable rainwater system for potential supplement to fulfill the water demands, or reducing the existing high water demand from public supply;b) To determine the rainwater quality to comply with the standard water quality requirement for industrial activities, and suitable treatment methods;c) To analyze and recommend the design, costs and suitability of implementing rainwater system to fulfill minimum daily water demands of the industries.
Geographical Location : This study thus involves the evaluation of rainwater in terms of quantity and quality in five selected industries in and around the district of Johor Bahru.
Geographical Reference : Johor
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